Ruck and Maul

Roogames' conversion of Lambourne Games Rugby Union Simulation

'Between The Posts'


The conversion stays faithful to the original game, but the game design has been built on in certain areas to add to the action which is recreated.


Game Overview:

Ruck and Maul recreates all the excitement and drama of International and Club Rugby Union. Numerous competitions have been researched in detail and are included in the game.  Teams are rated for attack, defense and for set-piece plays (Scrums, Line-Outs, Rucks and Mauls) as well for (in?) -discipline.  Most teams have a squad of 24 players to allow for the optional injury rules and players are rated for attacking potential and kicking.

The following tournaments are included in the game:

o        Six Nations 2000,01,02,03,04

o        Five Nations 1987,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99

o        Tri-Nations 1996,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04

o        World Cups 1987,91,95,99,03

o        32 Years of British Lions Tours

o        Heineken Cup 2000,01,02,03,04 (Last 8 teams from the knock-out stages)

o        Super 12 2001,02,03,04

o        Zurich Premiership 2001,02,03,04

o        Super 8 1996,97,98,99,00,01,02 (A new international competition created for Ruck and Maul featuring the original 5 Nations teams + the Tri-Nations teams all rated for play against each other).

We have also included 8 All Time Great teams representing each of the leading world rugby nations.


Additional tournament formats include a 4 and 8 team league to enable the recreation of leagues not included in the above list.


That's over 1,500 matches programmed into the game!



Tournaments or friendly matches can be played with ease.  The Pre-Match Screen displays the starting line-ups and shows the head-to-head ratings of the two teams.  Optional injuries and suspensions can require the starting XV to be amended.

The Match Screen then displays a basic graphical representation of the pitch and team line-ups.  Running commentary is displayed with the action constantly updated on the pitch display.  At various points during the game, Tactical Options will be shown on the pitch display.  The game continues in this manner until the final whistle (although an auto-play option is available to play to the end of a half, to 10 minutes from time or to the end of the match.

Full Match Statistics can be displayed throughout the game and printed at the end.



The various Tournament Screens display the current tournament situation (League Tables etc) as well as allowing games to be played and tournament statistics, standings and fixtures to be printed.



Player Scoring records are maintained for all competitions and against individual opposition and can be filtered in a variety of ways and printed.

Player Scoring By Match records are also included to show points scored per match.

Match Results can also be displayed, filtered and printed and the individual match statistics screen is also available from here.


Editing Suite:

A full editing suite is included to allow you to enter Competitions, Countries and Clubs, Grounds, Players and Teams.  New competitions can be created within the framework of the tournaments provided, including 16/8/4 team knockout cups and 16 match tours.



o        Over 2000 individual players and 250 teams.

o        Pre-set competitions covering 6-Nations, 5-Nations, Tri-Nations, World Cups, tours, knockout competitions  and domestic leagues.

o        Ability to set up your own competitions using the above formats.

o        Add countries, teams, players, and grounds with ease.

o        Play match in 20-25 minutes, or select auto-play to end of half, match or revert to manual play with 10 mins left.

o        Detailed play-by-play commentary.

o        Simple drag and drop substitutions and kicker changes

o        Includes injuries, sin-bins, sending-offs and an optional Video Ref - Tournament campaign rules included

o        Detailed player and match statistics which can be filtered in numerous ways.

o        AI opponent to make tactical decisions and in-game tactical substitutions

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