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'World of Motor Racing Part 1'


As part of the final play-testing of the Roogames up-coming F1 computer simulation based on our dice-and-chart replay game 'World of Motor Racing - Part 1' I decided to re-stage the 1960 F1 season, a nine-race Championship that saw Jack Brabham crowned World Champion with Cooper-Climax winning the Constructor's title. In both championships only the best six results counted for the final points total. In replaying the season I have tried to use all the many features included in the program, running some Qualifying sessions and/or races in full, but also using the 'quick-result' method in varying degrees for others, and have tried to explain the various stats. screens that are available throughout the races and, indeed, at any point of the season. In the report that follows I will comment about these program features in brackets at the appropriate point. If I fail to mention a particular feature blame me for my incompetence or Richard for including so many, many 'extras' in the program!

The season opens in Buenos Aires for the Argentina Grand Prix and I've decided to 'control' the fortunes of two Ferrari drivers, American Phil Hill, and von Tripps. Qualifying consists of three separate 'fast laps' (simulating the lengthy qualifying sessions used in this era), with the opportunity for user-controlled drivers to decide when to send your drivers out.

(Beware though, the Qualifying sessions last only one hour (in game terms) and your driver needs to complete a warm-up lap before starting each of his timed laps, and you also have to allow time between runs for necessary and desirable maintenance and 'tweaking' to take place in the pits.)

Stirling Moss was one of the early runners and sets a provisional pole of 1-37.8 but with the track dry and the sun hot it was likely that that time would be improved before the Starting Grid was set.

(The Qualifying Screen shows the Track Display with those cars on a fast lap moving round it, and can be 'run' at varying speeds. I selected 'x8' which meant that Qualifying is a quick process but you need to be sharp-eyed to note and absorb the 'incidents' that occur for each driver in the course of their runs. Towards the sharp end of Qualifying I switch to 'x4' speed, or even 'x2' if there is an exciting battle going on for pole position.)

After 10 minutes I send von Tripps out on his first run, followed a few minutes later by Phil Hill. von Tripps is slow at both check points and completes his run 2.2 seconds slower than Moss so the Ferrari pit will be busy changing a few things.

(The Qualifying Driver Screen shows the drivers and cars (you can switch from a car profile display to the name of the car as desired) plus details of when each driver leave the pits, then starts his 'hot' lap, and thereafter his split times at two points around the circuit together with a red figure to show how much slower he is than the best time, or a green figure for a faster time. Finally his official lap time is shown with his provisional grid position and his position is then adjusted in the starting grid 'ladder. So it is easy to spot a fast driver (by a green figure next to his split time) which, of course, adds to the excitement of the Qualifying session. On second and third runs additional information is provided if the split times suggest an improvement in a driver's grid position.)

As Phil Hill partially loses it a third of the way around the lap, Jack Brabham completes a fast lap that leaves him just 0.4 secs adrift of Moss, and Graham Hill takes over provisional third place on the grid. Phil Hill finally posts a 1-39.4, over one-and-a-half seconds off the pace.  The Ferrari pit is not a happy place to be right now. Two drivers have already completed two fast laps but the Ferrari mechanics are still working on both Phil Hill's and von Tripps' cars so I'll just have to sweat it out a bit longer as the halfway point of the Qualifying session approaches.

(For second and third runs the Driver Display also shows if the run is faster than that driver's previous best., and by right-clicking on the driver's name you are also shown the times for all his completed runs to date.)

I'm finally allowed to release von Trips for his second attempt, and he's faster this time, 0.4 seconds at the second split time and 0.8 seconds faster at the line. He moves up eight places to 9th. But Phil Hill spins into the straw bales exiting Turn 2 and with just one run to go he is way down the grid. Unlike the Ferrari drivers Moss is the model of consistency, lapping just 0.1 second slower on his second fast lap. Innes Ireland moves up to third ahead of Graham Hill. With less than 20 minutes remaining the battle for pole is really on. Jack Brabham clips two-tenths of a second off his time but Moss is still fractionally quicker. I wave von Tripps out for his final run with the mechanics still busy getting the straw out of Phil Hill's car! Alas, von Tripps is slower than last lap so will be halfway down the grid at least.

With just 3 minutes of the session remaining Phil Hill's car is ready again and I send him out. Moss and Brabham are already circulating on their final warm-up lap so all will be finally decided in the next few minutes. Moss cannot improve his first run's time but Jack Brabham is faster, and at the second split he is fractionally up on Moss and looking good to steal pole. But he loses time on the final section and ends up 0.1 seconds slower than Moss. It's all gloom and doom in the Ferrari pit, Phil Hill loses the back end down the straight and again spins off into the straw so ends up 11th on the grid with von Tripps in 9th spot. Meanwhile 'privateer' Allison's Ferrari will start three places ahead on von Tripps! So Moss has pole on the 4-3-4-3 grid, by the narrowest of margins, from Brabham, Ireland and Graham Hill.

Race day dawned hot and sunny and maybe the heat had got to Moss for he was slowly away when the flag dropped, leaving Ireland to lead Allison's Ferrari into the first corner. At the rear of the grid Chimeri smashed into the back of Munaron, but both got moving again albeit looking a little second-hand.

(The Starting Grid screen shows the cars lined up in grid order, and from here you can click on a manually-controlled driver to set his fuel stop and tyre strategy (in the modern era) and control his Driving Mode (which can be changed 'on the fly' at any time during the race). The screen also shows in graphical form the activity as the cars settle down into their race order, and also shows stalls and start-line collisions. Then it moves onto the main Race Screen.)

Into Turn 2 Brabham, who, like Moss, had made a slow start, slipped inside Graham Hill to go 7th.

(The 'View' button on the Race screen allows you to specify what details you want to see in relation to overtaking, blocks, accidents, retirements, pit stops, etc., etc. You can view All. Top Six or Top Ten, for each of the categories, and can elect to pause or not when any incident happens. A suggested setting is to limit your 'viewing' to Top Six or Top Ten, plus the drivers you manually control, but experiment to establish exactly what suits you best.)

 Brabham also passed Phil Hill to go 6th before the lap's end, when Ireland had a 1 second advantage over Allison, with Bonnier 3rd, Moss 4th, McLaren 5th and Brabham 6th. Phil Hill was back in 7th place and von Tripps 13th.

(The Driver's List on the Race screen provides a wealth of information. For the leader it shows the laps completed, and for the rest the number of seconds behind the leader and behind the driver immediately ahead, colour-coded to show at a  glance the close battles going on on the track. At the end of each lap the screen up-dates this information and also shows whether the gap is growing or getting smaller. Driving Mode is also shown next to the drivers' names, Red for Charge, Orange for Defend, Green for Ease Up, with no colour meaning Normal Mode. A side-view profile of the car is shown but by right-clicking this the display changes to the names of the cars. A coloured dot to the left of the driver's name shows his colour symbol on the actual Track Display, on which the leader is always shown with a green circle around him. Also by right-clicking on any driver's name the display changes to show details of tyre types, tyre life and wear, load and strategy (for modern era). Another click displays the last 3 lap times, plus fastest so far, and another right click shows the current Championship position, points-wise, including the situation if the current race positions remain unchanged.  By left-clicking on the car profile (or name) you bring up the Individual Driver Screen with lots of useful information including the ability to change driving modes for user controlled drivers)

By lap 10 (of 80) Ireland held a healthy 6 second lead over Brabham. then came Moss, Allison, McLaren and Bonnier. Phil Hill was 7th and von Trips 11th.

(Up to this point I had been running the race at 'x4' speed setting, now I switched off my viewing option (i.e. no viewing) and ran the race through to the 40-lap stage).

 Brabham now leads McLaren by 40-plus seconds, with Ireland third.  

(But I can reconstruct the story of those 'lost' laps by delving into the many Stats. screens. One such screen is the Lap Chart. I see that Ireland led until lap 23 when Brabham took over the lead. By checking the Incidents Log (it can be filtered to show the various types of incidents) I'm told that Brabham passed Ireland coming out of Turn 2. Two laps later Moss in third place pitted with gearbox trouble and retired in the pits. On lap 33 Ireland spun and lost his second place to McLaren and Brabham continued to pull away at over a second a lap, setting fastest lap on lap 34 with 1-38.9secs. Currently his lead is sufficient for him to be using 'Ease Up' mode (the A.I. does a good job of knowing when and when not to go flat out). The real battle is for 4th spot where Phil Hill (bless him!) is closing on Allison's privately-entered Ferrari, and von Trips has hauled himself up into 6th place, although nearly a lap behind Brabham. All have been lapped from 7th place downwards. I can check individual driver's lap times (all of them!) from another stat. screen, and I also visit the Pit Stop screen to see who has been into the pits, why and for how long. Now, back to the race.)

I run to the finish now on a fast speed. Brabham takes the win, McLaren is second some 52 seconds back, with Phil Hill third. Bonnier made it up to 4th, with Allison 5th and Schell 6th. von Trips retired with just two laps to go when in 5th place, with a blown engine!

On to Monaco, where Ireland and Moss recorded late fast laps (both 1-36.9) to relegate Jack Brabham from pole to third spot on the grid.

(The program allows you to use the actual Starting Grid or make use of the Qualifying session built into the program - personally I prefer to use and watch the Qualifying as it sets the scene for the race itself.)

But it was Bruce McLaren from seventh place on the grid that took the win, getting past Moss with just 7 laps to go to win by 4.2 seconds, with Ireland third. Jack Brabham retired on lap 83 with a broken gearbox when running fourth, which effectively presented Ferrari with a single Championship point as von Trips crept home in 6th place over a lap down on the winner. Phil Hill spun out on lap 33, and staying on the track was becoming a problem for the American much to the dismay of the Ferrari management.

The circus now moved off to Zandvoort for the Dutch Grand Prix. Moss again snatched pole late in the Qualifying session, beating Brabham by 0.1 seconds, but again it was Bruce McLaren who took the win, this time from 10th place on the grid, snatching the lead from Moss with just 4 laps to go in almost a replica of the Monaco race. Brabham again retired (lap 4 - overheating) and both Phil Hill and von Trips failed to finish with mechanical problems.

Another disappointment for Stirling Moss who had led by over 15 seconds at two-thirds distance despite losing top gear as early as lap 26.

(This race was run off 'automatically' by the program and the details reconstructed from the vast array of stats. that are stored and can be re-called at the touch of a button for any race in a season that has not been 're-set'.)

McLaren and his Cooper-Climax made it three on the trot in Belgium despite another lowly (7th) grid position. But this time he wasn't headed after the second lap and won by a comfortable 32 seconds from, wait for it, Phil Hill and his Ferrari. With von Trips coming home 5th this was a big, big day for the Prancing Horse boys! Brabham was again unlucky, being shunted into retirement on the starting grid by Dan Gurney. Bruce McLaren now held a clear lead in the Drivers' Championship, 24 points to Ireland's 17, with Moss third on 15. In the Constructor's table Cooper Climax had maximum points (32) from their four wins, with Lotus 10 points behind and Ferrari another 10 behind them.

In Rheims Olivier Gendebien was a surprise winner (although in reality he was second to Brabham in this race), again for Cooper-Climax, in a race that was re-started after a four-car pile up on the starting grid involving both Jim Clark and Brabham. In the re-started race Brabham was again hit from behind to retire on the spot, so in the last two races he had failed to make it to the first corner.

Brabham fared better at Silverstone, completing nearly two-and-a-half laps before retiring his overheating Cooper-Climax. So that made a total of under 3 laps from three pole positions! Innes Ireland (Lotus-Climax) won an exciting race from Genebien with von Trips third and Jim Clark fourth, after McLaren retired from a comfortable 2nd position on lap 67 when his fuel pump failed. Ireland now led the Driver's Championship, 27 points to McLaren's 24, with Genebien third on 17, while Cooper-Climax still topped the Constructor's table with 40 points to Lotus-Climax's 32, Ferrari 19 and BRM 16.

In Portugal Brabham at last struck gold, winning easily from Moss and McLaren. McLaren's 4 points were enough to lift him back to the top of the table because although Innes finished 5th (2 points) he had already scored in six races so this, his lowest score, didn't count. The position going into the Italian Grand Prix in Monza was:- McLaren 28, Ireland 27, Moss 21, Genebien 17, Brabham 16. Exciting stuff!

The Italian race organisers decided to use part of the banked Monza circuit for this race, and, promptly, the major U.K. teams decided to boycott the event! No McLaren, no Ireland, no Moss, no Brabham, so no change at the top of the Champiosnhip table. Giulio Cabianca was the unlikely pole-setter, nearly 3 seconds faster than Hermann's Porsche! (Cabianca was to die nine months later in a freak accident when in a minor race in Modena  his Cooper-Ferrari left the track, shot out through the circuit gates and collided with a taxi on the highway killing three people in this car as well as himself.) In the race Richie Ginther (Ferrari) took an easy win after Cabianca was eliminated on lap 1 in an accident with Thiele's Cooper- Maserati. Phil Hill (Ferrari) was second, and Hermann (Porsche) third. The result meant that Cooper-Climax had clinched the Constructor's Championship but, of course, the Driver's Championship would go right down to the wire, in this case the U.S.A. Grand Prix in Riverside, California.  

It was the turn of Ferrari to boycott this race, with the Constructor's title already won and lost the Commendatore opted not to make the long trip to America.

Moss and Brabham again dominated Qualifying, with Brabham clinching his fourth pole of the season just two-tenths of a second faster than Moss. A really hot late lap by Innes Ireland lifted him from 9th to 3rd on the grid and gave his Championship chances a real boost as McLaren was again way down the grid, only 14th fastest on this occasion.

Ireland was first away from the start line and led throughout lap 1.

(By right-clicking a couple of times on the Driver's Screen you can call up the projected Driver's Championship table, corrected for the current race positions, and up-dated every time this changes. So we see that if places stay as they are now Ireland will win the title with 31 points from McLaren 28 and Moss 25. McLaren is non-scoring, way down the field, and Moss is in 3rd place. The program's A.I. uses these projection to dictate its in-race strategy, of course you have to do the same sort of exercise for your controlled drivers!)

 On Lap 2 Brabham nipped past Ireland into the lead coming out of Turn 8.

Brabham began to stretch out his lead over the next few laps, while McLaren quietly progressed up to 10th place after a slow start.

(The main Drivers' Display shows up and down movement by green and red arrows to the left of the drivers' names for a few seconds after a change race position.)

The three fastest qualifiers were now in the first three positions in the race, albeit not in the same order, but Genedbien was up from 13th to 6th, and Gurney from 9th to 4th.

(By right-clicking on the race position column on the Drivers' Display these change to show grid positions.)

Then, on lap 7, disaster for Bruce McLaren. As he attempts to overtake Tony Brooks he clips his back wheel and both drivers spin out into retirement. McLaren may still win the Drivers' Championship but that is no longer in his hands. Ireland and Moss can both beat his final points total of 28, Ireland by coming third or higher, Moss by winning. And now on lap 10 Moss gets past Ireland into second place so either could still snatch the title away from McLaren.  

(This is where the alternative Championship Position Display on the Drivers' Screen is really useful, doing all the complicated maths for you - remember, only the six best results count and both Moss and Ireland will need to 'drop' one or more result - leaving you to appreciate the battle that is going on for the Championship crown.)

 Moss now sets fastest lap of the race as he chases Brabham, just over 3 seconds ahead of him. Brabham responds almost immediately by re-claiming fastest lap, then Ireland spins on oil on the back straight , loses time but retains his third position. By lap 13 Brabham is pulling well clear of Moss, who must win the race to have any chance of taking the Championship.

(The time behind leader is shown on the Drivers' Display, in black,  for each driver as a lap is completed. The next column shows the time gap between the driver and the guy ahead, colour-coded green for 2 seconds or less, ornage for 2.1 seconds to 10 seconds, and black for 10.1 seconds or more. A third column shows the gain (green) or loss (red) on the driver in front over the last lap so you can see at a glance where the battles are taking place up and down the field and how the dramas are unfolding. Right now Moss is losing over half-a-second a lap to Brabham and Ireland in third place is being steadily caught by Gendebien so McLaren may yet be World Champion.) Lap 18 and a message is shown indicating that Gendebien's car is overheating. (Pausing the game at this point and going into the Stats. Screens, Fastest Laps, and then clicking on Gendebien's name I get a list of all his lap times, and, yes, he has been steady for the last 8-9 laps but now suddenly slows by 0.6 seconds, so maybe Ireland's third place is safe for the moment.)

Lap 19 (out of 75), and the gap between Brabham and Moss has grown to nearly 17 seconds. Ireland is comfortable in third place, that will be enough to give him the title, but Surtees passes the ailing Gendebien to go fourth and Ireland gets told the bad news when he next passes the pits. Lap 19, and Ireland is out! His engine blows in a big way, and with it his Championship hopes. Now only Moss can beat McLaren and he has to get past Brabham somehow, or hope that the Australian's ill-luck this year holds good for just one more race!

By the end of lap 50 Moss is over 40 seconds behind Brabham and still losing time each lap. The title looks safe in McLaren's hands despite his early exit from this race. And now Moss is having handling problems, his front suspension is suspected, so only a Brabham retirement will help him now. But it is not to be, Brabham eases up with 7 laps to go but continues to pull away from the struggling Moss and as the Australian crosses the line Bruce McLaren becomes World Champion.


Drivers' Championship

1 - McLaren                28 points

2 - Ireland                  27 points (his one win relegates Moss to third place)

3 - Moss                     27 points

4 - Brabham               24 points


Constructors' Championship

1 - Cooper-Climax      48 points

2 - Lotus-Climax         38 points

3 - Ferrari                 26 points

4 - BRM                     18 points

Moss and Ireland unlucky? Maybe, but what about Jack Brabham, he won all three races he finished and was twice eliminated on the starting grid? So McLaren was a fortunate winner, but he did win three consecutive races early on despite poor qualifying sessions, so really he did it the hard way. Now he has to do it all again in 1961.

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