Second and Ten - Version 4

 Roogames' conversion of Wayne Poniewaz's American Football Simulation 'First and Ten'


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Statistically accurate and deceptively deep ‘open’ game engine

Tough AI opponent

Immersive stadium graphics and detailed play-by-play commentary

Full game play-by-play and stats archived

Season, team and game Statistics at the click of a button

Team and game profile screens

Easy regular and post season creation

Create draft leagues or trade players in existing Ones

65 free pro seasons available for download

User-created custom graphics available for download

Create websites and HTML reports with ease

Nearly 100 help screens to guide you through gameplay and the game engine




True Real-Time-Scoring allows you to switch between games in progress

Full Weather Model

Expanded Offensive Line/Defensive player ratings

Expanded Defensive Statistics (tackles, assists, stuffs, hurries, passes defensed and forced fumbles)

Game and Week MVP awards and Seasonal All-Pro and All-Conference Teams

Improved injury control procedure

Offensive Line/Defensive injuries affect team ratings

Optional Inside\Outside rushing ratings

Optional real stats

Game strategy improvements and new strategies.

Full and flexible drafting with defensive player ratings generating team defensive Ratings


SAT is the computer version of the free tabletop football game ‘First and Ten’ (FAT).  It faithfully recreates FAT using the same charts and rules, so it is possible to follow each play in SAT on the manual charts, using the (optional) dice display.  The scope of the game is immense, with 66 FREE NFL seasons available.


SAT deals with nearly every aspect of American Football.  Quarterbacks are rated for 5 different pass types as well as for rushing, and the likelihood of being hurried by the defense.  How a QB reacts to being hurried depends on his ratings – He may scramble, be sacked, or pass to a secondary receiver.  QB’s also read the defense and will often throw away from double coverage if it is in their best interest to do so.


Running backs are rated, not only for yards gained, but for effectiveness close to the goal-line as well as for the ability to ‘make extra yards’.


Wide Receivers and Tight Ends are rated for catches (separately for longer and shorter passes), as well as only being eligible to catch certain passes as they did in real life.  They are also rated for their ability in the opponent’s ‘red zone’, as well as for ‘end-around’ runs.


Defenders are rated for interceptions, sacks and for defending the run and pass. The offensive line is rated for run blocking and pass protection  Teams are rated in 9 areas of defense which go a long way to personalising each team’s style of defense.


There are 11 possible defenses to call, as well as putting in additional defensive backs, keying on runners and double covering receivers. You can also guard the sidelines and key runners for specific inside or outside runs.  Each defense has its strengths and weaknesses – It is up to you to make the right call for the offense you are facing.  Keying and DC effects have been expanded in SAT, so that it becomes more of a tactical decision as QBs will occasionally 'look away' from double coverage, and throw to an alternate receiver.


The game is compatible with free Pro seasons which have been produced for First and Ten.  Free downloads of the following seasons are available AFL 1960 to 1969.  NFL 1950 to 2005.  66 seasons in total


The following web pages will give a further insight into specific areas of SAT, as well as screenshots from version 4.


Game Play  Real-Time Scoring  Seasonal Play   Season Creation  Drafting  Sample Reports  HTML output - Direct from the game


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